About Us

Life School is about sharing experiences, learning’s, and co-creating methods to inspire a fulfilling life. The organization is centered on inspiring people to pursue their dreams and explore their potentials.

Life School, has been conducting inspirational training programs for people from all walks of life, since 1999. India has produced many inspirational personalities, but has a potential to produce millions more. This is what Life School aspires to create – ‘An Environment of Inspiration’. It has developed different models and initiatives to help people live, love and learn.

‘Life School Genius’ works with the youth to inculcate in them a habit of success, teamwork and contribution from their young and impressionable age.

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We believe winning is in becoming a "Force of Goodness". There is ‘Force’ in strength, power, clarity, ambition and goals. There is ‘Goodness’ in gratitude, humility, contribution, empathy and generosity. We believe each child is born to win. We love guiding and mentoring adolescents to develop themselves into 'Forces' of 'Goodness'.


We conduct fun-filled workshops to empower the adolescents with people skills, creative skills, winning attitudes, team building skills, communication skills, thinking skills, emotional intelligence & meditation. The driving force in every workshop is to demonstrate and inspire, with love and kindness.


With co-operation of parents, the training programs of Life School Genius will prepare the adolescents to adapt to anything, to learn anything, to solve anything, to face anything. They will be ready to conquer EVERYTHING that life throws at them. They will live with Winning Habits, 'I Can' approach and 'Unshakeable Self-Belief'.


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Core Team

NAREN (Narendra Goidani)
Co- Founder & Visionary

Life Coach, Business Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Meditator, Education Visionary. He says - "Life is Happiness. All say I speak well, and my ears agree to all good things….!!" His Clarion call is "Inspire or Expire"

JO (Jyoti Gosavi)
Co - Founder & CEO

MSW from London School of Economics, Youth Coach, Director of Social Initiatives at Life School. She says - "Exposure and experience are the best teachers. When I am willing to do whatever it requires for my dreams, they have no choice but to come true.”