Our Courses

We conduct fun-filled workshops to empower the adolescents with people skills, creative skills, winning attitudes, team building skills, communication skills, thinking skills, emotional intelligence & meditation. The driving force in every workshop is to demonstrate and inspire, with love and kindness.


Dramattitude is a course that focuses on building the Right Attitudes through Drama. By its very nature drama has its ability to create confidence, emotional intelligence, physical acceptance, language and communication skills, friendship, numeracy/special skills, concentration, understanding the world around us, creativity and co-operation in adolescents.

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‘What matters the most is how you see yourself.' The Guerilla Attitude encourages kids to come out of their comfort zones and try something NEW - physically or mentally. Breaking the comfort zone breaks the biggest barrier FEAR. Once FEARLESS life becomes LIMITLESS. This camp helps students to go beyond their imaginary finishing lines and emerge as Stars..

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'BELIEVE YOU CAN and you are halfway there.' Life throws at us the expected and the unexpected. No one can predict the future. BUT we can PREPARE for future. Spark is our signature mentoring program through which we help youngsters build courage, empathy, public speaking, confidence, leadership, enthusiasm, love, self-awareness, compassion and gratitude.

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